How It Works

Maze is an important factor on the social e-commerce platform mallstreet.
On Mallstreet customers can not only pay with maze but also earn it by making purchases, introducing new people or gaining a certain status.

Even business sellers on the platform can pay their loyalty and earn money through involvement on the platform.

As soon as customers have registered on mallstreet you will get a clear dashboard where you can chat, post Social posts on the wall, keep track of your maze balance and history and of course view all information about your order.

There is a separate dashboard for business sellers where products can easily be created to sell on the mall street platform.

Maze payments will also be set up and used as a payment gateway for all kinds of online businesses so that maze becomes the payment standard for all your online purchases and can use your maze for multiple purposes.

Create Wallet

Create an account. buy Mazecurrency and be one of the first maze holders and help build this awesome platform!

earn while you shop

When you purchase products on the Mallstreet platform you earn MAZE!
These are automatically credited to your account.

Chat & post

Through the platform you can chat with your friends and you can post your daily social media on the wall.